Event management training & course

Momentous Events Management and training Course offers great courses for aspiring people who hold a distinct liking for event management and similar field. The course does not demand any specific age limit, unlike many other courses. They are trained as an all-rounder not only in the field of events but also crash guidance of event management and building relationships to make a professional career in this field. These are all planned well which assists the students with building up their expert abilities.

Event Management is a field of extreme imagination and the ones learning it, need to have great relational abilities to be effective in this field. Event Management as a profession requires individuals to manage a broad spectrum of things from taking care of props and dealing with logistics to handling clients and sufficing their needs.

Event Management as a career expects individuals to conceptualize, design and put together an event which can be a political assembly, an award show, a birthday or personal party, exhibition and events, corporate events and meetings and so on. As a part of organizing an event, one needs to recognize the intended interest group, choose the subject for the event, plan coordination and send invites for the occasion that they coordinated. Hence, the course offered by us covers every aspect of the field. An event management student must be a multi-tasker and needs to stretch his/her limits every moment.

Course Overview:

  1. What is an Event?                
  2. What is Event Management?
  3. Keys to becoming a good Event Organizer
  4. Qualities of an Event Organizer. What is SWOT?
  5. SWOT analysis during event management.
  6. Importance of SWOT Analysis
  7. 8. 5w’s
  8. Difference between an Event Planner/Manager/Organizer
  9. What all services come under Event Organizer
  10. Market Research in Event Planning
  11. Marketing, Promotion & Advertisements of an Event
  12. How to get Sponsorship for an Event?
  13. Logistics Management
  14. Hospitality Management
  15. Crisis Management  
  16. Budget Management & How to make Budget?
  17. Team Management
  18. Vendor Management & How to find good vendors
  19. Blueprints
  20. Backup Planning
  21. RSVP
  22. Sample Checklists for All types of Event
  23. And many more Activities…

The vital duties of Event Managers are to comprehend the reason and aim behind the event followed by conceptualizing, planning and putting together the occasion by planning across divisions like Finance, Logistics, Operations, and so on. They likewise need to do extensive research to zero down on the intended interest group, venue and setting and overseeing other key parts of events to make the occasion a success. So, join our classes to learn thoroughly about event management and get enrolled immediately before the seat lasts.