School / College Events

To cater to the diverse demands of our valuable customers, we have thought of a quality guaranteed event management service for School and College Events. The offered support is completed under the supervision of our expert owner and utilizing ideal evaluation and team experts using the current innovation. This event management is done according to the prerequisites of our customers within the planned period. The offered service is exceptionally recognized by our customers owing to its high quality and cost viability highlights. 

We manage events for School and College programs. The programs organized by us are completely planned by our profoundly experienced group of experts centring the budget of our clients. With these events, we give a legitimate course of action to sitting, easing up, stage decoration, food, etc. We are professionally experts in organizing big and small school events which result in a perfect event. We have a team of planners, creators, innovation experts, and execution experts who are superb and energetic individuals, who because of their special and imaginative abilities have met up to plan and make a global standard of events. Momentous Events is now the choice of every school and college in Nagpur.


  • Freshers Party
  • Farewell Party
  • Exhibitions
  • Tech Fests
  • Fest/Fate
  • Annual Day
  • Sports Dat
  • Tours
  • Seminar
  • Conference
  • And All Other Events & Fests………